Top 5 Android Entertainment Apps

Entertainment is something we cannot live without. And being an Android user, you can grab a plenty of fun apps that will keep you really entertained for hours. Here is a list of the top android entertainment apps to get you started.



This is an ideal entertainment for concert lovers. Gigbox notes your present location and tells you when your favorite artist is playing a gig near you. Conveniently, it pulls in all your favorite bands and songs from your account , and uses Google (GOOG) Maps to provide directions to venues. During the concert you can enter the app’s live mode to chat and share pictures with other concertgoers around you . You can also rate the gig and get the current “mood” of the crowd. All your chats and photos get stored online so that you can go back and experience them once more at any time.

Live TV India


With this free app, watch your favorite TV channels Live in your mobile phone. The app only provides the links for the live streaming channels. These links are gathered from various freely available websites. So you can watch streaming live Indian TV channels on your device for free from across the world. This app allows you to see Live TV on mobile. You can Enjoy watching online TV for free; and enjoy viewing  your favorite Movies, TV Shows , News , Cartoons, Music and much more on your Android device.

Movie Manger


This entertainment app allows you to quickly catalog, filter, sort, and manage all the movies you own. You can create a free account and store your collection of movies. You can view information, cover art, and even add personal details, and many more using this app.

Bookmyshow.Movie Tickets.Plays


With this app, you can buy online tickets, book movie tickets, book IPL, T20 cricket, Music concert, get IPL schedule, Match Reviews, and many other events happening in your city. This app is definitely your one-stop shop for all your ticketing and entertainment needs, be it Tamil movie tickets, play tickets, or comedy shows, and more. You want it, you get it.

Gmote Donate

Gmote Donate app helps in controlling the media library on your device. You can use your phone as a remote control to your computer and have control over movies and music from a distance. Through this app, you can use your phone to control movie and music playback via Wi-Fi . This app has a built-in file browser and can stream music from your PC to your phone. First, you install the app on your android phone; then put its server client on your PC; and finally, you fire up Gmote Donate on your handset, and it connects to your PC. Enjoy your new touchscreen remote!


Top 5 Financial Apps for Android Users

Personal finance and business has come to the mobile mobile with the use of Android Smartphones. Have a look at these apps for android phones that allow you to manage your debt, budgets and all your finance related issues effectively.


Financial apps for android phones

This is one of the best personal finance apps that allows you to organize and manage your financial information at one place. If you want to keep records of your existing loans, this app helps you to do so by adding details of your loan, interest, installment dates, etc. into your device. You are also free to convert currencies or even add different financial account information into it.

Download from Google Play.



With this finance apps for android phones, you can keep track of your real-time transactions by adding synchronization with your credit and debit cards. You can get the electric bills of your payment and also, a hard copy of the receipt. It provides for free PDF file of all financial transactions and you also are able to get a clear information about your financial status at the end of each month. Know more about this from their website.

Get the app on Play store.

Easy Money

Financial apps for android phones

This app creates an interactive graph of your budget growth and management over a long period of time. So this is the app for those who love charts and graphs to keep track of anything. You can track multiple accounts as well as multiple currencies with this app. You can also analyze your spending using a wide variety of visualizations available. It also offers an app-specific locking passcode feature that allows you to access your own data secretly.

My Weekly Budget


This finance android app keeps track of your spending target for the current week. You can enter all your purchases in a descriptive way and the app informs you about how much you have made yourself free to spend that week , and even how much you have  spent on each type of purchase. This app helps you meet your budget target and save your money over time.

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Financial apps for android phones

This app is a smarter way to your money management system. It smoothly categorizes and analyzes your daily spending . It provides for dashboard alerts when you are heading to cross your budget limits. You can easily avoid unintentional over-spending by keeping track of your vendor-related spendings and  choose  your favorite method of payment.

Get this app on Google Play Store.

Top 5+1 Free Android Racing Games to play!

Racing games bring you almost the real life experience with their challenging environments and quick races. They offer great entertainment packages with fun visuals to those who just love playing casual games on the go. So go for these best racing game apps for android phones to experience the best of it , with the audiences cheering and the adrenaline pumping. You can also check these best Cricket games for Android here. However, Ready Set Go!

Death Rally Free


Death Rally is an action-packed , combat racing games with cars, guns and a lot of fun. It’s pretty popular and has a thrilling career mode where you can upgrade and level up your cars and weapons with-in app purchases. Lock and load , and enter the Death Rally and humiliate and destroy your opponents. Choose your own dirty tricks to win.

Download from here:

Road Warrior


This is another addictive racing and shooter game that pits you against opponentsthat have the potential to rip you apart with their guns. But, you have your own arsenal of weapons to get into some car ripping action. Everything is allowed in this game , but losing! The game hasprecise controls and amazing physics with real racing world parameters like engine power, racing drag, suspension stiffness and much more. Players are ranked based on performance. Show off your ability to shoot, kill and stunt. A super addictive and a fast-paced racing game app for android user-players.

Download from here.

GL Tron


This game app features primarily for the nostalgia feeling it gives when you play it. You race against your opponent in a maze and have to trap him into crashing against the trail left behind by your bike. The competition gets even tougher when the opponents increase. With its quick gameplay and fast visuals, the game will keep you on the edge of your seat, for sure. Know more about this game.

Download from here.

Pocket Racing


This is an old-school , top-down 2D racer with online scoreboards, race uploads and downloads . It allows you to race 8 tracks and drive 5 cars, all the cars having different handling , traction control and acceleration levels. It has an interesting feature that allows you to compete with each other is through the downloadable leaderboard cars. You have ghost cars downloaded to your device and you can compete against the ones on the lower levels to win against the higher placed opponents. An entertaining game.

Download this game.

Need For Speed Shift


This game has been popular on almost all gaming platforms that includes features starting from roaring engines, to squealing tyres to crazy collisions. There is a quick race, career mode and three difficulty settings : Rookie, Pro and Veteran. This is one of the most aggressive  racing games which is all about crazy Speed, with Shift. Know more about Need for Speed Shift.

Reckless Racing 2


This game has a shader-based game engine with normal maps , reflections , specularity, shadows and particles. The game allows multiplayer action through internet and five control layouts to ensure maximum comfort while playing. It’s a complete action-packed entertainment. Download from here.

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