Top 5 Financial Apps for Android Users

Personal finance and business has come to the mobile mobile with the use of Android Smartphones. Have a look at these apps for android phones that allow you to manage your debt, budgets and all your finance related issues effectively.


Financial apps for android phones

This is one of the best personal finance apps that allows you to organize and manage your financial information at one place. If you want to keep records of your existing loans, this app helps you to do so by adding details of your loan, interest, installment dates, etc. into your device. You are also free to convert currencies or even add different financial account information into it.

Download from Google Play.



With this finance apps for android phones, you can keep track of your real-time transactions by adding synchronization with your credit and debit cards. You can get the electric bills of your payment and also, a hard copy of the receipt. It provides for free PDF file of all financial transactions and you also are able to get a clear information about your financial status at the end of each month. Know more about this from their website.

Get the app on Play store.

Easy Money

Financial apps for android phones

This app creates an interactive graph of your budget growth and management over a long period of time. So this is the app for those who love charts and graphs to keep track of anything. You can track multiple accounts as well as multiple currencies with this app. You can also analyze your spending using a wide variety of visualizations available. It also offers an app-specific locking passcode feature that allows you to access your own data secretly.

My Weekly Budget


This finance android app keeps track of your spending target for the current week. You can enter all your purchases in a descriptive way and the app informs you about how much you have made yourself free to spend that week , and even how much you have  spent on each type of purchase. This app helps you meet your budget target and save your money over time.

Get this android app on playstore.


Financial apps for android phones

This app is a smarter way to your money management system. It smoothly categorizes and analyzes your daily spending . It provides for dashboard alerts when you are heading to cross your budget limits. You can easily avoid unintentional over-spending by keeping track of your vendor-related spendings and  choose  your favorite method of payment.

Get this app on Google Play Store.


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